A More Sustainable Rice Comes to Market Direct to Consumers

A More Sustainable Rice Comes to Market Direct to Consumers

A More Sustainable Rice Comes to Market Direct to Consumers

“SmartRice® delivers more rice using less land and resources to satisfy the world’s growing appetite.”

RiceTec, a global rice seed company with Whitaker Grain, Arkansas rice farmers, brings to market SmartRice®.  SmartRice® is a rice product grown by using more sustainable methods to reduce the use of agricultural resources and provide more rice to meet the growing worldwide appetite. Available now through Amazon and soon expanding to Shopify, SmartRice® answers consumers’ call for more sustainable products.


Rice is the most consumed calorie worldwide and the second highest in worldwide production. SmartRice® is an innovative system with more than six years of research that produces more rice using less land, water, and other resources.

“Today’s consumers are hungry for sustainability. They are demanding environmental common sense out of everything they buy – including the food put on their table and the food given to their pets. That is precisely what SmartRice® delivers,” said RiceTec Marketing Director Tim Williamson.

SmartRice® is grown and distributed by Whitaker Grain, a family-owned, fifth-generation farm in Arkansas. In addition to using highly researched methods, Whitaker Grain also uses hybrid rice to qualify as a SmartRice® producer.

“New and innovative rice growing methods, such as alternate wetting and drying, precision irrigation, and solar energy allow us to conserve natural resources, increase rice yields, and provide habitat to waterfowl,” said rice farmer Jim Whitaker.

SmartRice® has the smallest carbon footprint of all commercially grown rice, this is due to a higher photosynthetic rate, and naturally occurring pest and disease tolerance, which ultimately requires less water, nitrogen, and pesticides. Based on the average farm and state data, SmartRice® produces 50% fewer carbon emissions while using 20% less land and 50% less water than traditionally grown rice.

SmartRice® is launching through Amazon sales and will later expand to Shopify and local grocery stores. Visit www.smartrice.com for the latest sales information, farmer videos, and additional details.