SmartRice® is a sustainable choice

As a conscious consumer, we understand that you are hungry for sustainability and demand environmental common sense from everything you purchase. That’s precisely what SmartRice delivers: the smallest carbon footprint of any commercially grown rice:

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  • Less Water Consumption

  • Less Carbon Emissions

  • Less Land Usage


Great rice! Wonderful taste! A high quality product that is grown using sustainable farming practices and Earth friendly! Enjoyed Smart rice with grilled duck breast from the Arkansas delta!!

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The best rice

This is the best rice I have ever had, normally I would have to add tons of seasoning to my rice. This rice you can eat plain just follow the instructions and it's amazing. Will definitely buy again.


This rice is amazing

I just received my second bag of Smart Rice. This rice tastes amazing and I love the resealable bag. I also like supporting companies that are focused on helping the environment and conserving our natural resources.


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  • Sustainable

    SmartRice® is helping foster optimized on-farm growing practices to increase the appeal of America’s rice crop both domestically and overseas. Selecting SmartRice® as your preferred rice ingredient is the sustainable choice.

  • High Quality

    Developed through classical breeding coupled with computer-aided trait selection, SmartRice® is better rice. Offer your customers smarter choices. Demand SmartRice® for your products. Make SmartRice® your preferred rice ingredient.

  • Smart

    SmartRice® is currently delivering more quantity of rice by using less land and other resources compared to others. SmartRice® is one of the crops necessary to help satisfy the world’s growing appetite on a day in-out basis.